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Validate application of MC Formula fueling protocol

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This website provides access to the MC Formula Validation Calculator (MCFVC).

If you know of someone else who is interested in trying the tool, please send them the link to this website. The website requires you to provide your name and email address so you can be informed of any issues found, and also be notified when a newer version of the MCFVC tool is available. Your contact information will only be used for the purpose of notifying you of updates to the MCFVC and / or example fueling data you can use with the MCFVC. Your contact information will only be shared with Steve Mathison (developer of MC Formula and the MCFVC tool) from Honda R&D America, Inc. for this purpose.

In addition to the application file, you will also find a User Manual, and some example fueling data files. Additional fueling data files will be added in the near future.

The current version (Version 3.7) of the MC Formula Validation Calculator has many improvements over previous versions:

  • Fully aligned with the validation requirements of the draft CSA HGV 4.3 standard (draft is currently in the review process)
  • Default set of plots automatically plotted and designed to visually show compliance with the CSA HGV 4.3 requirements
  • Improved flexibility in the input data (any order of data is acceptable now)
  • Ability to input HDTA data as well as station data

Please use the tool and send any feedback you may have to Steve Mathison of Honda R&D Americas at steve.mathison@firstelementfuel.com or Wenger Engineering mail@wenger-engineering.com.

What is the MC Formula?

MC Formula is an SAE J2601 standard fueling protocol, available in the 2020 edition of SAE J2601. MC Formula calculates a dynamic pressure ramp rate using adaptive feedforward control based on the measurement of pressure and temperature at the dispenser in order to minimize the fueling time. The end of fill pressure target is also continuously and dynamically calculated throughout the fill.

How can the MC Formula improve H2 fueling?

MC Formula delivers the fastest fueling possible for the conditions under which the fueling occurs by automatically adjusting to changes in the fuel delivery temperature. If the fuel delivery temperature is getting colder, the fueling time will be reduced, and if the fuel delivery temperature is getting warmer, the fueling time will be increased, all according to a precise formula. These gradual adjustments not only minimize the fueling time, but also allow the station to continuously adapt to changes in fuel delivery temperature. Other fueling protocols use fuel delivery temperature categories, which can cause step changes in the stations fueling performance. Additionally, MC Formula allows the station to cool the hydrogen only as much as is needed to achieve a target fueling time, meaning as ambient temperatures decrease, the cooling system can be set at a warmer temperature. This is more efficient and can decrease the cost of energy needed for pre-cooling.

The benefit of using MC Formula to the FCV customer is less time spent fueling. The benefit to the station manufacturer is enhanced design flexibility, along with potentially lower capital and energy costs, and higher energy efficiency. And the benefit for the station owner/operator is higher customer satisfaction.

Who developed the MC Formula Validation Calculator?

The MCFVC was developed by Honda and programmed by Wenger Engineering. MCFVC is programmed in MATLAB, but is compiled as a windows program file. It is installed just like any other windows application file, but during the installation process, it installs MATLAB Runtime which runs in the background. Once installed on your PC, you can load hydrogen station fueling data into the MCFVC tool for analysis.

How can the MC Formula Validation Calculator be used?

The MCFVC can be used to validate that a hydrogen station is applying the MC Formula fueling protocol, as defined in 2016 version of SAE J2601, correctly. It can be utilized as a data analysis tool to determine compliance with the MC Formula fault test, protocol function test, and fueling evaluation test requirements as defined in Chapter 10 of CSA HGV 4.3.  Finally, it can also be used to assist with the initial programming of MC Formula into a dispenser PLC, as all of the equations are listed and can be copied from the tool, and all the correctly calculated parameters of the MC Formula protocol can be exported to a file, the values of which can then be compared to the station calculated values.

“Wenger Engineering has greatly assisted me in the development of the MC Formula hydrogen fueling protocol. They have a high degree of expertise in modeling and programming. This expertise assisted me in both the research and development process and also the final production process. During the R&D phase, hundreds of computer fueling simulations were conducted to find the best control approach. And during the production phase, thousands of fueling simulations were utilized to generate the final map of coefficients which are core to the MC Formula control. Wenger Engineering’s programming expertise was essential in the development of the MATLAB based MC Formula Validation Calculator. The Wenger Engineering team is focused on customer satisfaction and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Steve Mathison

Principal Engineer, Honda R&D Americas, Inc, USA

By clicking on the button “Download now” or by installing the software you are confirming your acceptance of the License and Terms of Use.

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