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Optimization of hydrogen tanks by simulation

Avoiding hotspots in hydrogen tanks by optimizing the inflow geometry.

Client: Automobile manufacturer

Country: Germany


Consulting on the purchase of hydrogen refueling stations

Optimization of contractual terms and conditions for the purchase of hydrogen refueling stations.

Client: Automobile manufacturer

Country: Germany

Optimization of pressure drop valve

CFD simulations of different valve geometries to optimize pressure drop.

Customer: Valve manufacturer

Country: Germany

Concept study Power to Gas

Concept study for the optimal dimensions of an electrolyzer and hydrogen storage for the decarbonization of building materials manufacturing plant.

Client: Gas company

Country: Norway

Strategy consulting alkaline electrolysis

Strategy consulting for a startup to find the optimal business model for the developed innovative catalysts, approach the right contacts and define the next steps.

Client: Startup

Country: USA


Development of operating strategy Power to Gas plant

Development of the basics of an operating strategy for a large electrolysis plant directly supplied by a PV system.

Customer: Plant engineering group

Country: France


Basic and detail engineering for hydrogen production

Basic and detail engineering including approval planning for a hydrogen production plant with trailer filling stations at a hydropower plant.

Client: Power plant operator

Country: Switzerland

Hydrogen laboratory strategy workshop

Strategy consulting for a joint venture of medium-sized companies to design and establish a joint hydrogen laboratory for their own product developments.

Client: Joint venture of hidden champions

Country: Germany


Cooling Power Electronics

CFD simulation to optimize cooling and increase power density of oil-flowed copper components in a power electronics system.

Customer: Manufacturer of power electronics

Country: Austria


Heat extraction from an electrolysis

Development of a heat extraction system to use the waste heat of an electrolysis.

Customer: Electrolysis manufacturer

Country: Germany

Conceptual design of hydrogen refueling stations for trucks

Concept study and simulations for optimal dimensions of hydrogen refueling stations for trucks with 350 bar and 700 bar.

Customer: Oil company

Country: England


CFD simulation H2 leakage

CFD simulation of hydrogen distribution in containers in case of leakage.

Customer: Chemical company

Country: Germany


Specification of hydrogen filling station

Optimization of the specification of a hydrogen filling station for a research institute as a basis for a Europe-wide tender.

Customer: Research institute

Country: Germany

Dynamic load capacity calculation PV cables

Dynamic calculation of thermal load of PV cables as a basis for diameter reduction.

Customer: Photovoltaic system manufacturer

Country: Germany


Conception of a hydrogen bus filling station

Conception of a cost-effective hydrogen bus filling station as a solution for refueling a small number of buses as part of a pilot project.

Customer: Public transport

Country: Germany

Development of thermoelectric simulation models

Development of a thermoelectric model library in 1D and 3D for high voltage components.

Customer: Electronics manufacturer

Country: Germany


Development of simulation model for LNG tanks

Development of a 1D simulation model for the optimization of LNG tanks on transport ships.

Customer: Developer of LNG tanks

Country: Germany


Requirements engineering for hydrogen compressors

Determination of requirements for large hydrogen compressors for truck refueling stations as a basis for the development of standardized products.

Customer: Mechanical engineering group

Country: Germany


Emptying simulations for H2 trailers

Determination of the pressure and temperature profile of Type IV hydrogen trailers during rapid emptying.

Customer: Filling station manufacturer

Country: Denmark

Thermal cable simulation wind turbine

3D thermal simulation of cables for wind farms to ensure compliance with regulatory limits and minimize costs.

Customer: Grid operator

Country: Germany


Development of regional hydrogen strategy

Development of a regional hydrogen strategy for the city of Ingolstadt within the HyExperts project. Consideration of the interests of regional companies for the production or use of hydrogen.

Client: City of Ingolstadt

Country: Germany


Feasibility study Power to Heat

Feasibility and economic feasibility study to investigate surplus power from photovoltaics for preheating raw materials.

Customer: Construction supplier

Country: Germany

Simulation pressure loss hydrogen hose

Determination of pressure loss characteristics in hydrogen hoses during refueling.

Customer: Hose manufacturer

Country: Germany


Hydrogen strategy workshop

One-day strategy workshop to position the client in the hydrogen market and establish contacts with potential customers and project partners.

Client: Plant engineering group

Country: France


CFD simulation Venturi nozzle

Development and optimization of a venturi nozzle for safety systems in gas technology.

Customer: Automotive supplier

Country: Austria

Refueling protocol for hydrogen trains

Development of a refueling protocol for hydrogen trains with 350 bar.

Customer: Train manufacturer

Country: Germany


Concept study hydrogen test center

Conceptual design of a hydrogen test center for decarbonization of own production and simultaneous provision of infrastructure for product development.

Customer: Automotive supplier

Country: Germany


Planning H2 compressor test field

Design, planning and approval of a test field for large hydrogen compressors.

Customer: Oil company

Country: Germany

Optimization Flowfield of an Electrolyzer

Optimization of the flowfield of a PEM electrolysis stack via CFD simulation.

Customer: Stack manufacturer

Country: Germany


Study on hydrogen safety in tunnels

Study to ensure hydrogen safety in railroad tunnels.

Customer: Railway operator

Country: Switzerland


Planning 20 MW electrolysis

Planning and preparation of permit documents for an electrolysis plant with 20MW electrical capacity.

Client: Electricity company

Country: Germany

Development and construction of electrolysis test center

Development and construction of the world’s largest electrolysis test center with up to 8MW electrolysis capacity, fuel cell, H2 CHP, trailer filling stations, etc.

Customer: Research institute

Country: Germany


Development of hydrogen train refueling station

Engineering and simulation for the development and optimization of the world’s largest hydrogen refueling station for trains.

Customer: Plant manufacturer

Country: Germany


Cooling of battery storage container

Development and optimization of a cooling system for a battery storage container using flow simulation.

Customer: Battery manufacturer

Country: Germany

Optimization of water treatment

Optimization of the efficiency of a system for softening drinking water by CFD simulation.

Customer: Plant manufacturer

Country: Germany


Thermal simulation of printed circuit boards

Thermal simulation of printed circuit boards in automation components with the aim of optimizing passive cooling and extending service life.

Customer: Automation company

Country: Germany


Optimization of hot water network

Modeling and optimization of the hot water network of an automotive paint shop, increasing energy efficiency through model predictive control.

Customer: Plant manufacturer

Country: Germany / China

Optimization of pressure regulator

Thermal and fluid mechanical simulation of a pressure regulator with the aim of reducing the mechanical and thermal loads caused by the Joule-Thomson effect.

Customer: Component manufacturer

Country: Germany


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