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Hydrogen technology:
System and product development, simulation

Since our founding in 2007, Wenger Engineering GmbH is a globally sought-after simulation and development partner of leading companies in hydrogen technology such as Daimler, Toyota, Honda, Linde, etc. Especially if you want to develop and operate a filling station, a hydrogen storage or a power-to-gas plant, you should talk to us beforehand.

Wenger Engineering GmbH has developed simulation models for almost all components and subsystems. We use these in development projects for our customers to find intelligent system concepts that minimize both investment and operating costs and maximize reliability.

The best-known model of these is the refueling simulation, with which we have done all the simulations for the globally valid SAE J2601 standard. Currently, our approach to optimize entire hydrogen ecosystems (generation, logistics, refueling station, vehicles, etc.) is particularly relevant.

We evaluate all technical options automatically and compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the operator.

Since 2020, together with our sister company Wenger Hydrogen GmbH, we also offer the implementation of complete projects as a EPC.

If you are new to this industry, or you want to massively improve your existing systems and components, call us.

Renewable energies

The energy transition can only be successful if the technology required is efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

With several years of experience in the development and optimization of electric cars, batteries, power electronics, the dimensioning of cables for PV plants and wind farms and the decarbonization of companies, we are confident to find a solution for your project.

It is important for us not only to be your “computing servants” and to deliver colorful pictures. Many of our customers want us to provide a comprehensive solution that includes advice on possible suppliers, prototyping and a holistic cost optimization.

Especially if your problem is complex, our unique team of mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, physicists, energy engineers and mathematicians is able to leverage its strengths to find the optimal solution for you.

Energy efficiency

If you want to optimize your cooling, flow or heat recovery, we should talk.

This can be a calculation, a design or the development of a special cooling system e.g. for a drive, a battery or an electric motor. Likewise, you can get a customized design software from us for “ordinary” heat exchangers as well as for special cooling systems.

Depending on the requirements, we create these in Excel, Matlab, Simulink or Simscape. We create flow simulations and multiphysics simulations in StarCCM+, Comsol Multiphysics or Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). For the design of heat exchangers we use HTRI or our own customized software.

Ines Jacobs

Ines Jacobs

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At the beginning, many of our customers were unsure whether their idea was feasible, what the effort behind it would be and when the results would be available.

In many cases, contact by phone, e-mail or video conference is sufficient. In other cases, we offer a consultation at the customer's location or at our office in Ulm, Germany, to clarify feasibility, benefits, effort, etc.

This consultation is free of charge for you.

Therefore, let us talk briefly!

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