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Here are some successes and feedbacks from satisfied customers

A very good collaboration with high value. Above all, I am impressed by the professional processing and very good communication. Already during the preparation for our request, I was assisted by competent employees who were very detailed in their approach to our project.

Dr. Miriam Bührle

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH

“Wenger Engineering’s highly competent employees deliver high-quality results. Added to this is their flexibility, which plays a major role in ensuring a pleasant cooperation. This collaboration is proving very helpful in our projects.”

Dr.-Ing. Levent Sarıoğlu

Project Manager, Volkswagen AG

The workshop was fantastic. We really feel like we found a perfect sparring partner. Our boss said Mr. Wenger is worth every cent.”

Reinhold Herzog

Technical Operations Manager, Handtmann, e-solutions GmbH & Co. KG

“The collaboration is excellent 🙂 The team is young, dynamic and dedicated. I appreciate the relaxed atmosphere – the team works with heart and mind!”

Christopher Teutsch

General Engineer, Sell GmbH

“Wenger Engineering is a top-rate provider of thermodynamic calculations and simulations. Clear analyses, straightforward thinking, and unambiguous recommendations. They offered a successful simulation that helped us advance our project.”

Hans Kürbis

Senior Technical Consultant, Max Streicher Anlagetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

“The exchange with Wenger Engineering GmbH has been very positive! We worked together to come up with a clear strategy! I really appreciate their hard work.”

Franz-Gerd Peters

CEO, Eurotank GmbH

“Good, fast and motivated – the Wenger team has done an excellent performance! The thermodynamic analysis has shown us that our devices can be used as planned and confirms our commitment to high quality.”

Sebastian Schmitte

Project Manager, MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

“Your expertise is known from the project “Simulation Soot Sensor”, which we have carried out with you. It really helped us to better understand the sensor behavior.”

Dr. Bertrand Lemire

R&D Manager Exhaust Gas Sensors, Continental Automotive GmbH

“My contact was reachable any time, very competent and reliable. Such projects are fun!”

“My contact was reachable any time, very competent and reliable. Such projects are fun!”

Technical Director, J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH

“Our companies have become very close, which is a huge advantage for both sides! We complement each other in interesting projects and value the collaboration very much. We really enjoyed working with you!”

Alexander Mühlbeyer

CEO, hme GmbH

“Wenger Engineering has provided excellent quality simulation work and valuable advice based on their extensive experience in the hydrogen industry. They have made important contributions to the success of our company.”

Jason Wexler

VP Technology, Volute Inc., USA

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team. Thanks for your professional input. We made a good team work and I believe we proposed a good solution to our customer.”

Bertrand Amelot

Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing Europe, McPhy Energy SA, FRA

“Looking back at the first contact with your company today I must say that I am very satisfied and that the results have exceeded my expectations. With your help and patience, we made a major step forward in the dimensioning and design of a new heat exchanger type. I would like to highlight the spontaneous readiness of your employees to do the thermodynamic calculations and in addition the design of the product. I will certainly come back for your service in the future.”

Gerd Meis

CEO, Gerd Meis Wärmetauscher und -Systeme

“My COMSOL consultation at Wenger Engineering GmbH was an excellent experience due to people with great skills and pleasant atmosphere. Solving the problem is a priority and one can count on job-complete solutions.”

Hubert Polikowski

Mechanical Engineer, Broadcrown Ltd., GBR

“I am very satisfied with your work. We had a positive collaboration.”

Dr. Lazar Kulikovsky

Innovations Developer, Bundesdruckerei GmbH

“Great job! Super! That was exactly what we have hoped for.”

Marc Buttmann

CEO, TerraNova Energy GmbH

“With the conducted fluid dynamics simulation you have shown us clear recommendations for the use of our diving robot. You gave us good advice and the results were presented superbly.”

Thorben Wulff

Department for Deep-Sea Ecology and Technology, Alfred-Wegener-Institut

“HExTemp is really a helpful tool for those who want to calculate heat exchangers! It’s very clear and easy to understand!”

Fredolf Raduenz

CEO, METTA10 Engenharia, Assessoria e Consultoria Empresarial Ltda, BRA

“I’ve been very pleased with the simulation and the first class customer service of Wenger Engineering. With your help I better understand the dynamical behaviour of the gas temperature of our tank system.”

Naoki Ogiwara

Projct Manager, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center, JPN

“We were able to learn a lot about the energy optimization of our dosing furnaces during the project. It’s our aspiration to expand our leading position even further and that is where thermal simulations are very helpful. Your speed really caught my eye.”

Florian Kulawik

Development Engineer, StrikoWestofen GmbH

“Thank you for your contribution to the global standard SAE J2601. Your project manager did a very good job!”

Toshiyuki Kondo

Group Manager, Fuel Cell System, Toyota Motor Corporation, JAP

“Thank you for the helpful workshop. We have definitively reached our goal, and will be happy to contact you again for further projects.”

Jens Asmuth

CEO, JA-Gastechnology GmbH

“I was very pleased with the high quality results. I am especially impressed with the quick turnaround time and the good communication.”

Rainer Wirth

Head of Technical Department, AMBAU GmbH

“I am very satisfied. Your models help us design our machines even more optimally, especially in regards to the threshold areas, and measurably save development time. Beyond that, necessary tests can be defined to a distinctly better degree.”

Ludwig Albrecht

Project Manager Advanced Engineering, Homag Group AG

„Thanks a lot to Wenger Engineering for a fast, competent and unbureaucratic support.”

Thomas Hofmeyer

Energy Manager, Brandt Zwieback-Schokoladen GmbH + Co. KG

“We have your contact information always at hand and know if any questions or topics arise for processing that we have a competent partner on our side.”

Markus Finkel

Project Manager, WEH GmbH

“With the help of your software, we were able to demonstrate that the planners had used unrealistic values for the design of the heat exchanger. In designing the new heat exchanger I could give the planner a recommendation on the heat exchanger surface based on your software. This was confirmed to be correct after the installation. All were happy and now I better understand heat exchangers.”

Matthias Klaus

HExTemp User

“I’m very satisfied. I particularly like your spontaneity and flexibility.“

Nadine Reinhold

Project Manager, Daimler AG

“In the past we had no experience with simulations and therefore we are fortunate working with the professionals of Wenger Engineering. The friendly and constructive cooperation has leaded our predetermined goal to success. Thus we can ensure a high-tech production hall with a uniform temperature level for the builders Liebherr.”

Christian Stürzer

CEO, DS elektrotherm GmbH

“I think very highly of you, both personally and professionally, and really enjoy working with you.”

Jens Schick

CEO, MYESTRO Interactive GmbH

“Wenger Engineering GmbH has real expert knowledge in the fields of hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell vehicles. This helped us to make significant progress.”

Sybille Riepe

CEO, motum GmbH

“Especially positive is the outstanding quality of your calculations.”

Jens-Uwe Landsmann

CEO, VKA Vereinigte Kessel- und Apparatebau GmbH

“The training was geared towards LEONI’s wishes in an uncomplicated way. The participants’ concerns were addressed and the points were worked off accordingly.”

Matthias Ebert

Electrical Engineer, LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH

“Thanks to the collaboration with Wenger Engineering, we were able to optimize our titanium micro-heat exchanger even further. The individual heat exchanger software helps us scale our product and customize it to customer needs. In addition, we not only saved a significant amount of development time, but also several tens of thousands of euros in costs.”

Alexander von Heinz

CEO, Heat Cubed GmbH

“A completely new project. I was very pleased with the process of the project and particularly the personal contact with Dr. Wenger.”

Roman Plinninger

Head of Energy Planning Building, Privatbrauerei Erdinger Weißbräu Werner Brombach GmbH

“Your company and employees impressed me. I was especially happy with your project manager. The fact that he was there with you from the onset speaks for itself. Thank you very much for the good collaboration; I feel that Wenger Engineering fits perfectly to the team and the project.”

David Teutsch

CEO, Triangular Forschung und Entwicklung UG

“The cooperation has just worked perfectly.”

Uwe Hans Hees

CEO, WTT Wärmetauscher Technologie Ltd

“I’m truly excited about your simulation platform. It allows me to give my students even clearer explanations of the connections in process engineering. Thank you very much!”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vladimir Ilberg

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

“We were very satisfied with the creation of a simulation model for the CFD simulation of our heat exchanger with Star-CCM+ by Wenger Engineering. With only three runs for “basic studies”, we have gained very informative insights, at extremely short notice and on a large scale, also for our own CFD simulation. This would not have been possible with our own tests in such a short period of time. We will gladly return!”

Ulrich Martin

Business Unit High Performance Pipes, Wieland-Werke AG

“Wenger Engineering offers services in the field of hydrogen, thermodynamics and simulation. In this connection, the engineers have special knowledge in the field of hydrogen, which fits in very well with my area of operation and which is also required here. This know-how enormously facilitates project decisions.”

Dr. Gerardo Friedlmeier

“We very much liked the professional procedures of Wenger Engineering. We were able to adhere to our tight schedule with the help of the simulation results.”

Klaus Konzept

Project Manager, QIAGEN Lake Constance GmbH

“What you are offering is very interesting to me. I have just found the Excel program for the calculation of heat exchangers just in time to be able to use it this semester in my lectures. It is extremely useful to present the operating performance of heat exchangers. I use your “professional version” to explain to my students the design of tube heat exchangers.”

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kuck

Energy technology and energy management, Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften

“Thank you very much. Our members very much appreciate your contribution to the standard SAE J2601. You are famous in our organization!”

Hajime Fukumoto

Senior Researcher, Japan Automobile Research Institute, JAP

“Very good training for getting started in MATLAB Simulink. You feel a lot smarter afterward.”

Robert Schindler

Training Participant, Continental Automotive GmbH

“After only a few phone calls and internet conferences, the cooperation with the Wenger engineers wents moothly and didn’t take much time. The modeling in COMSOL was neat and transparent, so that our own engineers were able to take it up without any issues. We will happily opt for Wenger again with pleasure in the event of capacity bottlenecks.”

Christoph Sprengard

Head of R&D, Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e.v.

“It’s great that you still make an inquiry after project end! Generally positive was the quick response – whether in requirements capture or performing the calculations. Often small projects are simply dropped or processed very slowly. This really cannot be said of Wenger Engineering. The coordination with other partners was uncomplicated. I look forward to a renewed collaboration!”

Martin Pittner

Development Engineer, DMT Produktentwicklung GmbH

“Your extraordinary expertise has really helped us to present a convincing solution to our customer in very short time. Thank you for the very good cooperation. I’m sure we will do more with you in the future!”

Eduardo Wiens


“I would like to thank you again for your excellent cooperation. I have benefited a lot when it comes to understanding the physical correlations as well as implementing MATLAB/Simulink and massively accelerated my processing. At the same time, I was impressed by the didactic skills of your colleagues as well as by their ability to familiarize themselves quickly with foreign and complex systems. Also the high level of dedication and the easy-going work climate will be remembered positively. I am absolutely satisfied and will be happy to turn to you again for any further issues!”

Christian Ulbrich

R&D Personal Protective Equipment, Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA

“The training manager was extremely competent and friendly. Very positive were the many practical examples. The mix of theory and practice was ideal.”

Shichun Lin

Training Participant, L`Orange GmbH

“My colleagues here at BMW are very satisfied with your simulation and your report. Great job!”

Jesse Schneider

Development Manager, Fuel Cell, BMW of North America, LLC, USA

“As our previous cooperation yielded nothing but positive results, we will gladly contact you again any time the corresponding need arises.” 

Christian Bechler

Project Manager Energy Systems, Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH

“Already during the preparation for the requested workshop, I was convinced by the competent employees who have gone into greater detail on my project. The workshop was very well organized and the task was prepared perfectly.”

Sebastian Seitz


“I really like your free heat exchanger program in Excel. In my lectures, it helps me to explain heat exchangers to the students in a more visible way.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Güttel

Institute of Chemical Engineering, Universität Ulm

“A very useful tool that I regularly use in the classes I teach – for both chemical engineers and chemical technicians.”

Dr. Thomas Hecht

Chemical Engineering, Carl Engler Schule

“Compliments to your young dynamic team! We have learned a lot about the design of heat exchangers! Thank you!”

Zoran Milosavljevic

CEO, milosa Apparatebau GmbH

“Terrific job! Especially with view to the timeframe, these are documents which we can really use to impress our customer. Very good; thank you for your efforts.”

Tristan Kretschmer

Sales Manager, McPhy Energy Deutschland GmbH

“Your team is young, but incredibly dedicated and very well organized. The project was conducted responsibly! I will certainly contact you again for other thermodynamic challenges.”

Torsten Eggers

Team Manager Advanced Engineering, Hella Fahrzeugkomponenten GmbH

“One objective, one solution. This promise was set as an example by the employees of Wenger Engineering GmbH during our joint development project. In spite of tough time constraints, the team taking care of us won us over with their personal dedication and commitment. We are very pleased that this mindset helped us minimize time and costs in our development project.”

Daniel Kreutzer

R&D Air Technology, AL-KO THERM GMBH

“Wenger Engineering GmbH from Germany is the industry accepted thermodynamics expert. The algorithm they developed is used at every hydrogen fueling station in the world today.”

Chris McWhinney

CEO, Millenium Reign LLC, Dayton, Ohio (USA)

“I just wanted to personally thank you for a job well done on the simulation work. We learned a lot through this process and I can honestly say that without Wenger’s simulation tool and the expertise of the Wenger Engineering team, we could not have achieved our goal. I hope we have the opportunity to work together on future projects.”

Steve Mathison

Principal Engineer, Honda R&D Americas, Inc, USA

Ines                Jacobs

Ines Jacobs

Sales Manager


Maximilian Tiepermann

Maximilian Tiepermann

Sales Manager


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